Farmhouse Painted Kitchen Range

I have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in Somerset all my life, and our farmhouse painted furniture derives from that West Country tradition of living simply and harmoniously with the environment, far predating current concerns over sustainability and environmental impact.
Circular solid Oak countertop - Click on image to enlarge it
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Just as farming involves working with nature and the seasons, so we as woodworkers must work with the grain.

Starting with the generous proportions of originally fitted dressers and built in furniture which we have photographed and measured for reference, in each individual design we pay careful attention to proportion and balance in appearance, with the result that the need for superficial and fussy detailing is eliminated.

Whether your house is part of a working farm or not, we make sure that we are creating a working kitchen.

I mean by this of course an orderly, well planned centre for all things culinary, but perhaps more importantly I mean a social, family space, a place to answer the telephone, informally entertain and talk to friends, wash the dog or do the homework.
Large island with open section - Click on image to enlarge it
Beautifully fitted to beamed ceiling - Click on image to enlarge it
Chimney breast with built-in storage - Click on image to enlarge it
Craftmen built curved door cabinets - Click on image to enlarge it