English Gothic Kitchen Range

For the romantics among us, English gothic conjures up images of the late Victorian and Edwardian splendour.

Through incorporating gothic detail into our kitchen furniture, we are building on a part of our heritage and have created our own distinctive forms to marry this tradition with the practicality of modern living.
Solid Oak with solid Brass cup handles - Click on image to enlarge it
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Often painted, with turned and polished wood pillars, detail is intricate and precise, frequently incorporating fishtail friezes and gothic arches in glazed dresser cabinets.

Where house windows are stone mullioned and with traditional leaded lights, we may reflect this form of detailing. Alternatively we make glazed doors with wood tracery, a process requiring up to 21 pieces to make one door alone and a true test of the cabinet makers art.
Gothic detailing in glazed cabinet doors - Click on image to enlarge it
Gothic pillar and handle detail - Click on image to enlarge it
Beautifully fitted with great care and attention - Click on image to enlarge it
Gothic leaded lights - Click on image to enlarge it