English Cherry Kitchen Range

Not to be confused with its darker American cousin, the beauty of English Cherry lies in its subtle colouration from mellow gold through dappled shades of light tan and subtle hints of green.

English Cherry speaks of woodland and spring sunshine on even the greyest of winter days.
Solid Cherry doors, craftsmen built - Click on image to enlarge it
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Whether the cabinets you commission are fitted or freestanding, we make a virtue of simplicity as we create their strong, clean lines.

Absence of intricate moulding throws into sharp relief the beauty of the timber and many hours of painstaking work will be required to take this native timber through hand finishing processes designed to complement the wild native grain.

As the furniture is carefully sealed and coated with water clear satin lacquer, the richness of the wood emerges in its full glory.
Pull out mixer lift - Click on image to enlarge it
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Storage baskets with Oak handles - Click on image to enlarge it
Walk-in cold store - Click on image to enlarge it