Bedrooms and Bedroom Furniture Range

As with our kitchen furniture all bedroom furniture is individually designed to your requirements and with sympathy to the surroundings it will become a part of. Working in a variety of woods or painted finishes we will produce a layout which both looks good and works well on a day to day basis.
Tongue & groove Solid Oak wardrobes - Click on image to enlarge it
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As your preferences are individual, we design and manufacture the internal aspects of our furniture such as drawer divides, pullout systems and shelving layouts on a made to order basis. Rather than offering a limited number of off the shelf systems we believe that by working with fewer design parameters we achieve both a greater level of involvement for you as well as individual furniture which has been carefully and thoughtfully designed and built.

Combined with high quality features such as tie racks, shoe racks, wardrobe lighting and heating solutions we are confident that we will meet your every need.
Internal storage solutions made to suit your requirements - Click on image to enlarge it
All our furniture is made to order in Somerset - Click on image to enlarge it
Built in dressing table with lighting - Click on image to enlarge it
Softclose, solid Oak dovetailed drawers - Click on image to enlarge it