1922 Kitchen Range

Homage to the year in which the Aga was patented, our 1922 range was designed to reflect the mood of the early twenties.

An optimistic, forward looking time, in which the influence of modernism was becoming apparent in design, we set out to create what might best be described as “Country house meets Corbusier”, in short a traditional kitchen designed for a new millennium.
Bullnosed and Coved granite - Click on image to enlarge it
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The classic combination of bullnosed and coved granite profiling with beautifully detailed and generously radiused solid wood pillars, means that sharp corners can be eliminated.

Large spaces can be elegantly divided so that work areas are defined and focal points created while appliances are fully integrated to complement the clean uncluttered lines.

For family weekdays or weekend entertaining, your choice!
Solid wood panelling - Click on image to enlarge it
Handpainted on site to your chosen colour scheme - Click on image to enlarge it
Circular island end with solid Oak countertop - Click on image to enlarge it
Batterie de Cuisine - Click on image to enlarge it